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Getting Real by Tom Maloney

We live in confusing times.  Ours is a world in which the precious diamonds of insight into the nature of our collective reality are buried under mountains of bloated agendas and misinformation.  A world in which we are told how to think and feel, where intuition and wisdom take second place to immediate, knee-jerk emotional reaction.  A world caught in the grips of fear and insecurity where curation of perceived image is herald as the highest achievement in the human realm.  A world where living in harmony with nature is trivial compared to forcing a desired outcome.  A world where price tags loom over values and relationships.  The world is in darkness but there is an answer.  Compassion.  Having the mental, emotional, and spiritual bandwidth to understand that you're particular reality is not the only one existing.  There are currently 7.4 billion separate realities occurring simultaneously, each of which being perceived as absolute.  These realities come together to create a shared experience in which we are all participants.  But there are no absolutes.  Absolutes lead to dualism, a root cause of endlesssuffering.  When we see someone as good, someone else must be seen as bad.  But there is no good, only harmony.  There is no evil, only confusion.  Endless cycles of dualistic thinking confine our lives to grasping and aversion, leaving no room for contentment and peace.  When we see ourselves as separate individuals, how can there be responsibility?  The actions of one affect the state of the whole, and the karmic web connecting every person on earth is rippled accordingly.  

You are in the park watching a crow peck at loose seeds.  The crow senses you and a look is shared.  There is acknowledgment.  You are the crow and the crow is you.  With this realization suffering becomes an impossibility and abundant virtue manifests effortlessly.