Lucid 1: Escape from New York / by Tom Maloney

I find myself in New York City following a male guide named Jason.  Bikes just sort of appear and we begin to ride.  The attitude is light and we have a free-flowing conversation while weaving through traffic and down alleys.  The destination is a mystery.  Jason is interesting.  He has an authenticity of movement unique to someone who knows many things.  We find ourselves in a kind of vertical moving subway car.  The car is dark but the seats are full of a variety of characters.   Suddenly, the windows shatter and SWAT Team repels into the heart of the car.  An officer confiscates my cell phone and plugs me into a portable blood-drawing mechanism.  At this point Jason is gone and panic rises because I feel a certain vitality being extracted from my center.  As I pull the blood-drawing apparatus out of my arms, the subway patrons rise quickly and move towards me with what appears to be dark purpose.  I instantly become lucid and I know that this is a dream.  I use the skill of Transformation to change the angry mob into a a group of innocuous strangers having neutral conversations about whatever. I wake up into the real world feeling powerful.