Lucid / by Tom Maloney

Simply put, lucidity is the ability to perceive reality exactly as it is without any kind of filter being applied by the observer.  The opposite of lucidity is unconsciousness. Everybody walks around with a certain amount of lucidity at any given time.  The biggest dip in lucidity for the average person is during sleep when all bodily functions, including mental processes, are taken over by the subconscious.  While sleeping, we relinquish control of the mind and enter a state of blissful unconscious where the true nature of reality takes a back seat to the fantastical adventures and colorful imagery of the dream world.  Usually we have no lucidity during sleep, but what about lucidity in our waking lives?  Most of us continuously weave in and out of lucidity throughout the day, resulting in flashes of the purist clarity followed by moments of the darkest ignorance.  

Although the highest level of waking lucidity is essentially enlightenment, beginning to cultivate awareness is not a daunting task.  There are many ways to achieve lucidity, but the most accessible path is simply choosing to be Mindful in all aspects of life.  Choose your thoughts, don’t let your thoughts choose you.  Chew your food slowly, choosing to spend time with each of the unique flavors as you absorb them into your being.  Think about what to say before you say it.  Meditate, focusing on the mundane sensation of breathing that we take for granted 95% of the time.  Listen to people instead of simply waiting for your turn to speak.  And of course, practice the martial arts!