Nature Energy / by Tom Maloney

In this day and age we all know that being outside is good for us. Many studies exist correlating higher levels of wellbeing with spending time in a natural environment.  Fresh air clears the mind and invigorates the body.  Plus, there is no traffic on the Serengeti!  Today, we actually need to make a concerted effort to interact with our natural environment as opposed to people of the past who simply lived in it.  Our increasingly synthetic world and the natural world are now two separate entities. What humans may gain in efficiency and productivity, they give up in vitality and connection.  American society is incredibly Yang oriented. Always striving and pushing to do more and get more done. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear someone boasting about how little sleep he gets.  As if being so busy you can’t make time for rest is something to be proud of.  It’s not. The nature of Yang is to reach, discharge, extend, rise, expel, activate, produce, heat, and to dominate. The nature of yin is to contract, charge, sink, rest, be passive, and to cool.  Something can only discharge so long before it needs to charge. If something is forced to discharge passed its capacity, vital energy is lost.  Nature allows Yin energy to flow back into the body and recharge its battery.  A lot of the energy that humans draw in from external sources is through the bottoms of the feet (Bubbling Springs, Kidney 1).  These points are especially sensitive to Yin energy, making walking barefoot on the bare Earth incredibly vitalizing.  Rubber shoes can insulate the feet and hinder proper energy absorption.  Sleeping closer to the ground (1st floor vs 25th floor) allows more energy to flow into the body before it gets dispersed and absorbed by synthetic materials.  Sleeping with the phone on Airplane Mode prevents interruption and terminates foreign waves proven to disrupt sleep patterns.  These three quick tips can help retain the vital essence that modern society has a tendency to disperse.