+/-/= / by Tom Maloney

Everyday we have hundreds of experiences.  From waking up in the morning to closing our eyes at night, we are forced to make choices. Choices that shuffle our lives along a continuum of the deepest negativity to the brightest positivity, and everything in between. Even if we lie in bed all day seemingly making no decisions, we are still choosing to lie in bed and seemingly make no decisions. Of all the choices that we make, there are three main outcomes that can occur. Positive, negative, and neutral. A positive result of a choice would be something that adds to our life in some way.  Eating well rewards us with more energy and a strong body. A positive outcome. Eating poorly can lead to states of being that cause disease. A negative outcome. What about neutral? Something neutral neither gives nor takes away from us. By its nature, neutrality is when nothing happens.  Neutral is holding ground.  I think of some reality television as a neutral experience. It doesn't add to our lives in any meaningful way but it’s there and it’s entertaining. It’s easy to digest and doesn't require a lot of brain power. The show ends and we find ourselves in the same place as we were before. Nothing gained, nothing lost (besides time), a relatively neutral experience.  It’s interesting to view all of our choices in this context.  Before each choice we can ask ourselves, “will this decision add to my life or take away from it?”  Of course we can never know the full outcome of any one decision, nor would we want to.  Life is meant to be a mystery.  We can only follow the heart and choose to act.